Monday, December 18, 2006

B-More Vibe Magazine (could've picked a more original name, I gotta say, they might end up with lawyers coming after them) is returning after being discontinued for 2 years, and for its first new issue, Feb. 2006, they're letting people vote on who should appear on the cover. The choices are Ogun, Brown F.I.S.H., Ms. Stress (who's currently in the lead), ShellBe RAW, Golden Seal, Skarr Akbar and Backland. You have until January 1st to hit their site and vote.

While I'm telling you to vote for something, I should mention that the The Government Names 2006 Baltimore Hip Hop Poll is only open until midnight tonight, in about 10 hours, so if you want your opinion counted you better get it in soon.

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