Wednesday, November 15, 2006

PenDragon - Revenge Of The Harm City King (Team Arson Music/DragonMoon Records)

I got sent this CD by PenDragon a while back, and though it always kinda rubs me the wrong way when dudes call themselves the king of the city, especially if I've never heard of them, I ended up being pleasantly surprised by it. Drag talks a lot of shit on the mixtape and disses the whole club rap thing, but he's got the skills and the swagger to pull off that kind of cockiness, with a voice that reminds me of Skarr Akbar, with a hint of Talib Kweli and Jay-Z in there too. And the original beats on the mixtape are really consistent, this is a dude to check for.

PenDragon - "Baltimore Dreaming" (mp3)
One of my favorite tracks on here, produced by Drag himself.

PenDragon f/ Street Heat and Jae Poet - "Bang Bang" (mp3)
Street Heat, who produced a few good songs on here (but only raps on this one), produced track 11 on the new Jim Jones album, so check that out, Team Arson doing big things.

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Draggy BABY!!!

T.A's The GANG...BANG!!
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