Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Third Kind - Disaster Relief (Sweatbox Recordings)

Third Kind is a group from Maryland comprised of Dwell, Robben Beatz (who produces most of their tracks), DJ Krucial, Cef, and Fat Boi. They're kind of on that crate-digging weirdo indie rap tip, which isn't really my thing so I'm not the best judge of what they do, but I think this album, which dropped in May, is pretty solid. Some cool off-kilter samples, some political lyrical content, and sometimes some of the dudes rap in that angry white dude Fred Durst voice but other than that they sound alright. They get mad spins on college radio too, check them out on MySpace.

Third Kind - "Magnificent" (mp3)
I think Cef is my favorite MC out of the group, he rips the 2nd verse on here.

Third Kind f/ Ogun - "Get Live" (mp3)
Ogun drops a great verse on here and it almost sounds like his presence made everyone else step their game up on this track. Good beat, too.

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