Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Stay Gettin' have stayed busy since I wrote my City Paper story on them a few months ago, so I've updated their production discography, and here's some recent tracks they've done:

Dope Boy Music f/ Glue - "Zoo" (mp3)
Dope Boy Music is a group of MC's from North Carolina that SGE and Def Jam A&R Plain Pat have put out a mixtape for, and this is one of the four tracks produced by Stay Gettin'.

DJ Kay Slay and Greg Street f/ Ghostface, Kool G Rap, Raekwon, Lord Tariq and Big Daddy Kane - "5 Deadly Venoms" (mp3)
Stay Gettin' produced 4 tracks on that new Kay Slay/Greg Street album, which I reviewed recently. This is one of the tracks they did, which I posted last week on my other blog, Narrowcast. That's a crazy lineup they got to do a track with.

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