Friday, October 06, 2006

Comp - Bangarang City (DJ B-Roc/DJ DMA)

Comp's last 3 mixtapes were all with DNA (and DNA was Comp's DJ at the last It's Baltimore Baby show at Sonar), but for his latest mixtape Comp (or, as Skinny Suge calls him, "Def Jam's loss") is teaming up with some other dudes, DJ B-Roc and DJ DMA. Really only about half of it is Comp music, though, because there's a dozen tracks by people like Rick Ross and Freeway along with other independent artists, which I don't really understand, they might as well have just made it all Comp. He's got a lot of good tracks on here, though, including the song "Bass" that I posted a few months ago, and the "Sunglasses" joint that's been on a few mixtapes. But overall, not as strong as Independence Day, which might be my favorite of his mixtapes to date. You can buy all of Comp's mixtapes, including this one, at his MySpace page.

Comp - "I'm Holdin'" (mp3)
One of those tracks that's so hot that you don't mind when they rewind it halfway through and play it back, produced by B-Roc.

Comp - "10 Steps Back" (mp3)
Comp on how he's gonna carry it after splitting with Def Jam. This is one of a few self-produced tracks he has on here and I kinda like his beats.

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