Thursday, August 10, 2006 ran a story yesterday on Young City a.k.a. Chopper from Making The Band, who apparently just got arrested in Georgia because he was wanted for an armed robbery here in Baltimore. People always said that he lived in Bmore when he was reppin' New Orleans on MTV, and that article kind of explains why he was up here in the first place. When I interviewed Debonair Samir, he said that Chopper actually lives with his sister here, and he played me a track that Chopper did for that Baltimore Club Crack album. I don't know what happened to his Bad Boy deal, though. A few months ago it seemed like one minute he had a single with Diddy on the intro and his album was on the release schedule, next minute he was independent. I heard something about him releasing a track dissing Bad Boy's current artists, including Los, but I never heard it.

Before the Sun ran a story last week on "the Baltimore short,", I had no idea that those long capri shorts that go down to your ankles were a uniquely Bmore thing, or that folks like Mullyman or Skarr Akbar were making a regional fashion statement. I mean, you go to a hip hop show at 5 Seasons on Sonar during the summer, and at least half the dudes in the room are wearing 'em.

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