Sunday, July 23, 2006

Hip Hop 101
07/24/2006 09:00 PM - 5 Seasons
830 Guilford Avenue, Baltimore, 21201 - ladies $5, men $10

from Sonny Brown:


MINLUS AND McKRACKEN (Sorry if i mispelled the name homie)

and a special guest coming in from NEW JERSEY!!!

To all the other artist that will be in the building.. BRING YOUR MATERIAL AND MUSIC.. DJ Jabril will play your music all night long... NETWORK with producers, producers network with the emcees... Holla at some Media folks, talk to some radio people... matter of fact, get on the mic and let people know whats going on with your project... It's time we take control of or music and careers and do this shit the right way.... Talk to me about sponsering a night for your label..

Drink specials
Hosted by yours truly Sonny Brown
DJ jabril on the wheels

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