Saturday, July 15, 2006

B.O.M.B. - King Of Da Streets Vol. 1 (hosted by Jimmy Beamz)

Recently when I wrote about Backland's new mixtape, I posted a collaboration with another Charm City Records artist and member of Baltimore Blox, B.O.M.B. He dropped this mixtape a minute ago, and C Love already wrote a post about it, and some dude named Joe has been hassling me to check out the mixtape and post about it since like April. His name stands for Baltimore's On My Back, and also Bundles On My Block, and he's definitely on that money makin' tip with his lyrics, all that grinding on the streets talk. The thing that really struck me about his style is that he doesn't necessarily ride the beat, and sometimes, as C Love says, overpowers the beat, but not even in a bad way. He has this conversational flow, where he just kinda puts jazzy accents on certain syllables, not as aggressive as a lot of people rap these days. It suits some tracks better than others, but still, I dig his approach. In this interview, B.O.M.B. even compares his style to poetry or spoken word. There's a lot of freestyles and flows over industry beats, and that kind of thing tends to bore me a little, but it's still a pretty solid CD.

B.O.M.B. - "Sets Up" (mp3)
B.O.M.B. got some beats from Charlemagne, a producer who's worked with a lot of big time New York MC's, I think this is one of his tracks and it's one of my favorites.

B.O.M.B. - "B.O.M.B." (mp3)
B.O.M.B. closes out the disc with a self-titled joint, rocking an alliterative verse for each letter in his name.

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