Friday, March 31, 2006

Ro Brooks Day
Tuesday, April 4th @ 5pm
@ Sounds N Da Hood
1905 Edmondson Ave. Baltimore, MD 21223

Jerome "Ro" Brooks, owner of Sounds N Da Hood, the best hip hop record store in Baltimore (although not for long, unfortunately, since he's shutting it down at the end of April to open a new store in Atlanta), is holding an event to celebrate his accomplishments, including the release of the movie Charm City movie, which he's one of the stars of, along with a number of Baltimore hip hop artists including Comp and Little Clayway. The new issue of Ro's magazine The Hook-Up is coming soon too, and I did a couple interviews in there, with Mobb Deep and a cover story with Chamillionaire. Ro is a cool guy who's had his hand in a lot of interesting projects over the years, plus the dude is giving me some work, so come out and support him.

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Sounds in Da Hood will be missed because of the support Ro had to the local hip hop community.
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