Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Huli Shallone - Huli Shallone (Hit 'Em Hard Records)

I'd been saying for a minute that Huli needed to drop a new CD, even though it's been barely a year since It's My Turn, because he's had 2 big radio hits that weren't on that album, and "For My Shorty"'s been one of the most requested songs on 92Q (local or otherwise) for the past 3-4 months. And sure enough, over the weekend, he was on the Q a couple times, calling in during Paula Campbell's guest DJ slot and then visiting Rap Attack, letting everyone know that a new self-titled album would be available at Downtown Locker Room on Tuesday (yesterday). The packaging is really basic, black and white, no pictures or liner notes, with 2 tracks from Huli's old group Nature's Problem tacked on, but it'll probably still sell 10 thousand or more just like his last album. Huli doesn't really have a lot of buzz outside radio play, but that seems almost intentional, because I've talked to people who had a hard time trying to get Huli to do an interview or appear on a mixtape, and he rarely performs live, as far as I know, outside of the Believe tour last summer. I haven't had the album long enough to figure out what I think of the new songs, but production-wise it's pretty similiar to his old stuff. "What Grindin' Do" might be my favorite so far. There's gonna be a release party for the album at Club Mate this Friday, March 3rd.

Huli Shallone f/ Mannie Fresh - "Makin' Moves" (mp3)
This song is pretty old now, it's been on the radio since last summer, but it's nice to finally have it on CD. It was pretty exciting the first time I heard that Huli was doing a song with Mannie Fresh. If Mannie charged him the same rates he charges everyone else then Huli definitely has the kind of cash he says he does.

Nature's Problem f/ Lil Flip - "We From The Streets" (mp3)
Nature's Problem f/ Lil Flip - "It Ain't Nothin'" (mp3)
I'll put up both these tracks in case Gov't Names co-founder and Lil Flip superfan Dylan K. wants to check them out. They both originally appeared on Nature's Problem's 2002 album Welcome To Baltimore City (one of these days I'm gonna do a flashback post about NP's old albums) and were produced by Young Sears, who also did some tracks on Flip's Underground Legend ("From The Streets" even has the same wah-wah sound as "The Way We Ball"!). "It Ain't Nothin'" got some play on 92Q around 2004 when "Game Over" was blowing up, but the song was already a couple years old by then. I wonder if Ostro from Nature's Problem is ever gonna do a solo project.

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One thing I've notice about Huli Shalone he on that south shit but I ain't mad at him! Yo also why he don't do live shows or travel out of Baltimore?
it's funny cause people def are checking for him. Ima support him and cop his album...but, I feel like Im only doing it b/c I should or have to before I can tell other people that they ought to support their local artists.

I mean...he doesn't give interviews...he doesn't do shows...he never comes to the events I attend ( I go to alot..LOL) am I supposed t determine if I like him?

I wish I could be like the people that think the music is all you need. I need a good back story....a common thread ..something tangiable. But its all good..perhaps he'll get a website or a myspace page soon and will see how much the people like him and he'll start coming out more.
is it sold at any DTLR?
I dunno, I went to the one in the Towson mall and they didn't have it, but then I went to the one downtown on Calvert and they had it, so I would say not all DTLR locations have it, maybe just the ones in the city.
Check this out its maybe huli's page but not alot of thingz on it.

Calvert in Brooklyn.
This is Kenneth from DC why Huli does'nt do shows or be on mixtapes with other Bmore area rappers? Also people are saying he does do live shows or go to events C love throws. Is he content of being a local celeberty and get a few spins at 92Q? Not hating on his hustle but if he want to get out of the gate he got to be more accessible to the people so he can be bigger than he is.
my fault its tha one in downtown. i thought it won't one in brooklyn.


hope i get a choose 2 go down in get it.
This is purely speculative, but I think one thing you have to think about is that Huli has been making albums with Nature's Problem since the late 90's, and the game around here has changed a lot since then. There was a time when all you needed to do was get a song on the radio, a CD in stores, and make an occasional appearance to have the biggest buzz in Baltimore, but it's a lot more competitive now. He's still doing pretty well for himself, but I dunno if maybe he's unaware that he's getting left behind by the current generation that does a lot more shows and interacts one on one with a lot more people. I mean, I'm not knocking how he does things, he might have his reasons, but I respect people like Ogun, Dirty Hartz and Tyree Colion who pop up at every other show to perform or just hang out and meet people and sell CDs.
Well I coped the album from him at his album release party(at which he performed a couple hits. It was off the hook! He definitely has alot of support from me and rest of his Murphy Homes family. It does seem to be side of him which wishes to remain a local artist. He's from the hood and not a spotlight kinda guy. Hey if I could sell 10,000 copies local and be comfortable, what the hell. But that for My Shorty is definitely the best song on album! Anybody know if he single cause he is very sexy! lol
yeh Huli is very sexy...I was @ mondawmin mall the other day and this guy was passing out this flyer with this rapper I never seen before with dreds, it said the son on it with all these fire effects on the flyer and he was real cute, do anybody know anything about him becuz I didnt see a name on the flyer
Hey i have to in tha city to get one b/c they dont have on e in tha Glen Burnie one.
well i know huli and i just wanted to say i know ppl are def feeling his music but i also agree that he should do more shows but whos to say that its up to him to do shows. Maybe ppl arent coming up with the right numbers for him to do shows and i wouldn't do it for free(not all the time). Hey i know that he does a lot of things for 92q but yall keep on supporting your boi and believe me for those who haven't seen him u will see him soon.

I was told that isnt really him on hopefully I can talk to him about getting one up soon...
I've been listening to huli's music since I moved to bmore six years ago and with every song he drops is usally better than the last one. Instead of trowing his self out there he's profecting his business skills and polishing is act. he'll do fine.
if anybody wants to know about huli just go to Link To The Official Myspace Page
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