Saturday, March 11, 2006

Darkroom Productions have got a lot of big projects on the horizon, so I'm gonna put you up on some new tracks they've produced that I got direct from Juan Donovan.

Mullyman - "Get Ready (Bodymore Soldiers)" (mp3)
It looks like Darkroom is no longer doing a sequel to the Hamsterdam mixtape, and are instead doing a new project called Harm City Exposed, which will be out around May, and this new Mully track is the first leak from it. I heard another track they did with Mully recently and it's fire.

Diablo - "Round My Hood" (mp3)
Diablo's slept on '05 single "Jail Flick" is going to be featured on the upcoming 4th season of HBO's The Wire, and Darkroom is doing some other music for The Wire (in related news, "Late At Night" by Amadaye from Top Of The World Records will also be featured on The Wire, shout out to HBO for featuring some real Baltimore music in the show). Diablo's album Shop Closed is due out later this year, and I think it's gonna be real hot, it seems like they're really taking their time to do something original. Diablo's lyrics are real grimey but also creative, "Maryland, the state? Look at it, it's shaped like a gun/guess where Baltimore at, son/we on the trigger."

Sqad Up - "Gettin' Drunk & High All Night" (mp3)
As you may already know, Sqad Up are the crew from New Orleans that used to make mixtapes with Lil Wayne, then beefed with him, and then were signed by Lil Flip. Darkroom already did a track with them on their Eyes Above The Water mixtape called "I'm A Baller" featuring B.G. which you can hear on Darkroom's MySpace page, it had the same beat as the Tyree Colion track from Hamsterdam. But this track is going to be on their album on Sony later this year. Darkroom sampled Three 6 Mafia for the hook, and DJ Paul is going to re-record the hook for the album version.

Young Hootie - "Ever Since" (mp3)
Another out-of-town cat that Darkroom are doing tracks for is Young Hootie from Compton, who appears on the cover of the new G-Unit West mixtape.

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Bigg up to Darkroom productions!
yo Al, can you put up a mp3 for that Jail Flick song, I keep on hearing about it, but i've never heard it.
Between Rod Lee, Darkroom, Blackstar and Ms. Tris, there should be no reason for Baltimore rappers not to be putting out nothing but the hot shit. All four of them are dope producers.
yeah, definitely some good producers in the city, the ones you mentioned plus Stay Gettin', J-Funk, One Up, Sean "Moccaa" Banks, Akira The Great, Unheard Of, Skarr Akbar, B-Ill, Debonair Samir, Star Spangle, Dukeyman, Niige/ARS Productions, Booman, Spit 1, probably a bunch more than I'm forgetting or sleepin' on. maybe one of these days I'll put together a database of Bmore producers so that MCs never have to look hard for beats.

I don't like to post the same mp3 twice, but you can get "Jail Flick" on the Hamsterdam mixtape, which Darkroom's site says you can get from them for free:
Yo this is Kenneth that mixtape is fire cop it!
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