Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Some people might've seen this already, but there's a new official Bossman site, which doesn't have much on it so far besides a loop of "Handclap" and the bio from the Virgin website, but it's cool since the N.E.K. site hasn't been updated in over a year. He's also got a MySpace page, and C Love recently posted this new interview, which mentions, among other things, that Rockwilder produced "Handclap," and that he's got a new mixtape comin' out with DJ Envy and Big Mike called Yellow Tape, so if anyone knows how I can cop that, lemme know. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, Bossman got a Show & Prove article in XXL (the current issue with Jeezy/Cam'ron on the cover), page 86, just a few pages after an article about Gel & Weave favorites 334 Mobb.

5:21p.m. EDIT: Just saw this, Bossman feature on today. LOL @ Baltimore being called "Southeastern," though.

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Bigg up to Bossman, Kenneth from D.C. one!!! Good article!
I believe we're considered mid-atlantic not southeastern. Are these people from All Hip Hop are from up top?
yeah, I'd say mid-Atlantic or even Northeastern before Southeastern. I dunno if a NYer wrote that, but it seems like in New England they think of Bmore/MD as Southern, but people in the South usually laugh if you even call Virginia part of the South.
second time on this site...I scroll down and I see the man I was just speakin on...I aint even gotta tell you...keep doing your thing man and fcuk them haters...u got niggas up here in Delaware hatin on ur shit...I feel like Im the only one cuz I see where u going what ur music...that realtalk...Rashaad from Wilmington, holla!!!
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