Monday, February 06, 2006

Darkroom Productions are doing a show out in Pittsburgh this weekend with Diablo, ShellBe RAW and more. Apparently Hamsterdam and "Jail Flick" have been getting a lot of love up in PA.

Also, been working on a new Gov't Names logo, check out the one that I'm test driving at the top of the page, which was designed by ex-GN contributor Josh aka Liquorporn. Might stick with it or try some other ones, but I'm open to feedback.

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Huli Shallone For My Shorty

After i looked for 3monts

AIM at CharmCityChamp88

For a copy(no joke)
Yeah does anyone have that Dirty Hartz Mullyman joint?
You can hear it on the Dirty Hartz MySpace page:
It's also on the new DNA mixtape, which I'll be posting about in a few days.
Big ups to the artists that came through and ripped the Pittsburgh party on Feb 11. The show was off the hindges and Bmore was definitely represented. Pittsburgh thought they knew after the "Hamsterdam" mixtape, but after the show, they are definite believers in the Bmore Hip Hop Movement. Lets keep it going, see yall at the next out of state jump off.
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