Sunday, January 01, 2006

Sorry for not posting the flyer before the actual show happened, somehow I didn't even know about it until the day of the show. It was real cool, though, I went down there after hanging out at Style Warz for a little while (I'm still wondering who won that, C Love?). The Latin Palace is this nice little place in the Spanish part of Upper Fells Point, like 5 blocks from my apartment, when they're not hosting hip hop shows it's all salsa dance lessons and DJs spinning reggaeton. I saw Ammo at the Mic Warz battle there a few months ago (shoulda won) and Little Clayway shot some of the "They Call Me Clayway" video there. And I gotta say, Fresh Fest 2005 was the shit, one of the best and definitely the best organized local show I've seen in a while, nothing but stars and everyone did their thing and kept it moving, no long breaks. And pretty much all people that have done tracks together and are cool with each other, no tension or bullshit. The sound system cut out a lot but it wasn't so bad, since you could still hear the music pretty well, it seemed to be just certain speakers that were having problems. I saw everyone on the bill perform except JI-900, who must've gone on before I got there. Shout out to everyone I saw there who said hi, Tyree, Skarr, Mully, Kelly Connelly, Jay Hunnie. Everyone there was real supportive of Verb from Dirty Hartz and mad that he didn't win on 106 & Park's Freestyle Friday. That dude is an amazing freestyler, not just fast as hell but comes up with seriously creative rhymes so quickly that I have no idea how his mind works, he's really just on another level from everyone else. I didn't see the episode, but if he didn't win that's their mistake. I didn't get a chance to say hi to Comp or get his new mixtape, I gotta get that later.

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Wassup Al,

LOL! been so busy lately...finally got the chance to come through and check out what was poppin with you. thanks for coming through to the last Style Warz...I see from your were moving all around that night. I heard the fresh Fest was hot...I sure wish I could have been there too! Well anyways, Midas won! LOL! he did his thang! Big Ups to the whole Team Green (Midas, Akira, etc...)

Happy New Year! Thanks for your efforts and interest!
Oh, that's cool, Midas was probably my favorite of what I saw, that dude was real funny and came up with some dope rhymes.
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