Sunday, January 29, 2006

Ogun, Brown F.I.S.H., Golden Seal and Janeba Suma
live at Eden's Lounge
Monday, Jan. 30th, 10pm

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It's going to hear from Gold Seal. They are a tight hip hop from Bmore I heard them on Strictly Hip Hop five years ago!
gold seal cool but brown fish is wack. garbage. i was never feelin them.they need to hang it up. real talk.
Is that a fact or that's some hate? But I don't know becuase I have'nt heard of anything from Brown Fish in years!
The beauty of the internet and free will is that you can make up your own mind concerning what is good music and what is plain wack.

You really ought to come to the show and see for yourself what all the fuss is about or if "anon"'s comments were right on point.

I, like you, have never seen Brown F.I.S.H. perform as a group, but have seen Jahiti and B-fly perform on a seperate occasion & thought they were hot.

If I am not mistaken - BF is a collective with interchanging members.....meaning there is bound to be someone you'd like if you gave them a chance.

Do you not like them b/c they are kind of political and maybe make you feel excluded?

I have NEVER heard they were wack...WOW!

If you are from really should try to support local artists and not put things out in the universe about them that is based on opinion. The tie that binds the music scene is either you are part of the problem or the solution.

I would assume that you care about it a lil... you are visiting this site.

This show is gonna be phat and I hope a few folks attend - even if its out of sheer curiosity.

I heard people say them like them.
I chalk it up to bad taste.
the show is cool but brownfish music sucks. its nothing personal I heard it I never liked it.
flows was wack beats was wack.
st8 garbage.
I support bmore artist but i cant support that.
it aint hating it how I feel.
I guess everybody intitled to their own opinion!
oh isnt that cute a brownfish hater. i knew they had to exist somehwere. what happened sweety? did ooh or jah steal your girlfriend? did vertex refuse to make u a track? did b-fly dis u when u tried to hollar? i was at the same show and i could barely hear ogun or golden seal in the back. brownfish, on the other hand, had me rockin all over edens lounge. different strokes 4 different folks i guess.

anon's probably just one of b-mores many wack rappers mad at whoevers mo clever
Baltimore is an unique city with a sound and flava all it's own. We have the opportunity to take over the world or each other.

Taking over the world would be much more satisfying.

From looking at other scenes whose sound gets out to the masses it seems like it is because they show each other love.

Philly sound dominates right now night only because its hot but because they work on each other's projects, they put each other on, they do things together.

We don't have time for hatin'. Yes everyone has their opinion but if we are going to say that we don't like something about each other say exactly what you don't like. Is it the flow, the track, the delivery, the show, etc. Help somebody get better. Offer some suggestions. And by all means own your opinion. State your name.

Who cares who has the best sound in Baltimore. The real question is does Baltimore have the best sound on the east coast? Is Baltimore sound out in the world? Is some little girl in Japan picking out what she is going to wear to day to Baltimore music? Is the only english that a boy in the Czech Republic knows from a Bmore MC? Baltimore sound can be bigger than this. There's room for everybody.

No need for crabs in the barrel.

I love this place. I plan to stay. So if anybody else feels the same way lets do it the best way it can be done.

I find it hilarious that haters always seem to remain anonymous. You feel entitled to your opinion and you are entitled to voice it. So.....
or you can just shut the f*ck up and listen to The Dixie Chicks or whatever you find "un-wack"

The 5'3" Guarantee
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