Monday, January 02, 2006

Little Clayway - The Takeover (Clayway Records)

My review of this compilation of tracks from Clayway's old albums was in the City Paper a while back, I'm not sure if the new album Still Moving Independently is out or on the way soon. I've heard a couple good new songs from him on the radio lately, one was like this crazy flashback through Baltimore hip hop, namechecking old venues and radio stations that aren't around anymore. You can buy The Takeover and other Clayway releases from the Morphius site.

Little Clayway f/ Rod Lee - "The Best" (mp3)
"Rod Lee, the boy got juice on the Q/radio play, they gon' hate you, me too/we drop Tim Trees, Davon, Paula Campbell, Bossman, Mullyman and the Clipse/consecutive hits/Huli Shallone, Clayway up on the list." This is the one new 2005 track on the album. The last verse where Rod tells Clayway to spit old school cracks me up, especially the line "you rap? produce? I do all two" and the part where the girl says to him "you ain't ain't even Ja Rule".

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I just ordered the Take over yesterday. I'm kind of late though but I'm still going to cop it eventhough that album came out late 2004!
This is Claway's fourth album and he still spit fire...he just get better with time...he's long over due to get signed, y'all better stop sleepin'......
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