Wednesday, November 30, 2005

"Mullyman will kick off the celebration of the album's success with an album signing and release party. Roc-A-Fella Records artists Freeway and Memphis Bleek are on the guest list. Details below.
Album Signing Thurs, December 1st, 3pm-5pm at Metro II, Reisterstown Plaza Mall
Album Release Party Sun, December 4th, 10pm-2am, Club One in downtown Baltimore

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ya know...this blog is 65% less fresh without the music...bring back the mp's! Also, what happened to all the good writing?
I know, since I moved 3 months ago I haven't been able to post mp3's, but I should be able to afford a new computer very soon, and when that happens, there will be a TON of mp3's and more text-heavy posts. I've been holding back a lot of stuff for when I can do audio again.
That album is bananas!!!!
Could you some how hook us up with HULI SHALLONE/For My Shorty, like a stream or a downlaod some how, i've looked everywere!
Yeah, I don't know how to get a copy of that one. I wonder if he's got a new album or mixtape coming with that on it.
Has anyone went to Mullyman's album release party how it went?
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