Thursday, November 03, 2005

Mullyman - Mullymania (Major League Unlimited)

1. Moment of Truth
2. Home of Da Realest featuring Memphis Bleek
3. Forget Da Fame
4. The Leak featuring B-more Bryant
5. Got It featuring The Clipse & Fam-Lay
6. Rest of My Life
7. Move On featuring Geda K
8. Never Giving Up featuring Nik Stylz
9. Buck On Em featuring Freeway & Black Lo
10. Oh Baltimore
11. Growing Pains
12. For Granted
13. Gangsta Wit Me featuring Comp, Backland & Sonny Brown
14. Get That Money! featuring Ghostface, Cell Spitfire & Pitts
15. Pickin' Up
16. Know U Betta featuring Bless
17. Realest to Run It featuring Mike Wilson & Omar Little
18. One of Da Greatest

It's been out since last week but I just picked it up today, so I've only listened to it once and can't say much about it, but it sounds good. Check out my Mullyman article in the Baltimore City Paper for more info, and you can hear sound samples at and buy the album at stores all over Baltimore like Sounds N Da Hood, Best Buy, FYE and Downtown Locker Room.

(photo by Christopher Myers)

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how is it? I been wanting to get it but bun b came out???
the good he put backland on the track. a real rapper.
is dk gone then
yeah for real can we get a dk status report
my e-mail is right over on the right.

i think i'm going to do something new soon. i dunno.
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That's cool, Dylan, I always hoped you wouldn't stop writing, you always did the best stuff on GN. Since you hadn't done much in a while I've been just focusing on Baltimore and shaping GN into something different than how it started, but you always got a spot here if you wanna run shit again or just put something up now and then.
it's cool, though. i love what you did.
When you didn't give a review
you actually peeked my interest.
I'm glad you did because this album
is bananas. Everybody critisizes
this kid for using Roccafella
and Star Trek as a crutch, but
my favorites are his songs by himself. Growing Pains, Pickin Up,
and One of the greatest.
I reccomend everyone that views this comment cop that joint and judge for yourself.
Yo, trust me, Mully's album is bananas!!
yeah it's a good album. so far my favorite tracks are 10, 15, and 17. is anyone else having problems playing it on their CD player, though? sometimes I gotta mess with it and rewind and fast forward to get it to work and it's a shame, I'd listen to it more if it didn't do that.
Mullymania is hot! The entire album is good. I highly recommend copping Mullymania.
I think Mully's is that fire period!
Mully album is hot......I dont pay attention to the guest appearences, homie can hold his own......As far as the battle between him and Bossman, I didnt hear the whole thing, but Bmore is too small for that especially when niggas tryna get on.........

yo got that mullymania and i was impressed. the boy is hot.
yo im felling that by mullyman. I think his album is hot
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