Sunday, October 30, 2005

Young Leek just got signed to Def Jam. Congrats to K-Swift and Blaq Starr and Next Level Management for making it happen. Bossman and Paula Campbell and now him, one more step towards getting the whole damn city signed.

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You can't be serious man!!! why in the hell would Def Jam sign that kid ? that kid is garbage straight up and down !! oh i get it, his manager is K-Swift, being that he is K-swift's artist just sounds a little suspect to me, of course she's gonna play his material enough times for him to get a deal, 92Q is some bullsh*t, I will be so happy when the real mc's in B-more get deals, no disrespect to Bossman, but there are some hot mc's in this town that are fire that get no burn because of that damn wack ass radio station 92Q and their wack RECORD PLAYERS like K-Swift, I wont give her the respect and call her a DJ, real DJ's break new artists and songs, she doesn't do that, so she is simply a RECORD PLAYER, 92Q is really playing themselves by not having their ear to the streets of B-more, there are alot of hot mc's right under their nose, but they rather support the wack mc's like Young Leek and D.O.G. instead of the hot, real cats like Skar, Mully Ogun, Comp, Tyree Colion, Diablo, and Verb, i'm just tired of these clown mc's (B-Rich) being the face of my city's hip-hop, when I know that cats spit fire in B-more.
yeah, it's not the best possible look for the city and we don't need another B. Rich situation, but I dunno, some people getting deals is better than nobody getting deals, I'm not gonna hate.
They signed him because he is MARKETABLE. They know that he'll sell on his looks alone (the groupies will buy the hell out of his shit). I'm happy for him, Bossman and Paula Campbell. They're putting us on the map. Hopefully they'll do a better job than Mario.
looks don't always sell records. i think people wanna hear real shit now. much love to the brother, but i hope he got more tricks up his sleeve than that.
Wuz good fam, this is your boy Juan Donovan from Darkroom Productions. I usually don't post responses on here, I just come through, read, and see wuz new and popping in Harm City's Hip Hop scene. But it is damn near impossible for me to hold my tongue on this one. First off, congrats to Leek and K-Swift. A Bmore artist signed to Def Jam is definitely a good look, regardless of the negative press the song has gotten. But I would like to say that it is definitely an unfortunate situation that the only urban station in a city as big as Baltimore is known in only a negative manner. But it is what it is. The rumors circulate constantly about 92Q only playing records by artists that are either affiliated with their DJ's, or people that just straight up pay them money to play their songs. But change is coming, and unfortunately, they will be left out. Being here and having so much love for Baltimore, I never wanted to believe some of the negative sh*t I heard about the station, until I witnessed it for myself. I produced one of the hottest singles to ever come out of the city of Bmore this summer, a song called "Jail Flick" by Diablo. The streets LOVE this song. Diablo can't go anywhere without being asked to perform it. Every club from Club One down to every strip club bangs "Jail Flick". Also, the song is on one of the biggest mixtapes to ever come out of Bmore, "Hamsterdam" (5,000 copies and counting, it's not a game). But every time we went to 92Q to play it, they refused. We weren't begging for rotation, but just one play. Everyone that hears the song knows that it's a hit, and it was made specifically for Baltimore. We just wanted to show the city and it's incarcerated homies that we love them and will always hold them down. We even had a campaign one day where damn near the entire city called up to 92Q to request it, and they still didn't play it. So I guess the rumors are true. Because good music shouldn't be denied. The streets and clubs love "Jail Flick" but 92Q denies it because a DJ who works there did not produce it and no money exchanged hands. So me being the optimistic musician I am, I wish nothing but the best for Leek. Do your thing young homie. Hold it down. Also Mully (your album is crack homie), Paula Campbell, DK, Colion, Comp, Bossman & NEK, Verb & Dirty Hearts, The Plague, Ogun & R.O.P, MOL & Top of da Hill, Hazmat, Jameaze & HOP, C-Love & Synergy, The Mininstry, 360, EJ, Stay Gettin Productions, and everyone in Harm City holding it down, for real....keep doing your thing! I love this sh*t. I see yall, and keep you all in my prayers at night. But sincerely, from the bottom of my heart...FUCK 92Q! And watch me put them on blast in the January issue of FADER magazine and OZone magazine. The takeover will happen without that f*ck azz station. Bodymore, stand the f*ck up! You hear that noise that's getting closer and closer? That's our's coming
aw damn, that's some real shit that the homie Juan said, I was wondering why I never heard Jail Flick on the radio, that shit is banging and a good representation of some real B-more shit. Congrats to Young Leek, but honestly, I am not a big fan of that song, it's really wack, and now I see why it got so many plays on 92Q, I had no idea that K-Swift manages him, that aint right, but hopefully the streets will speak up and get these real mc's from B-more some play, so they can also get deals and finally put B-more on the hip hop map, because I see Young Leek being another B-Rich situation. I got that Hamsterdam joint and I luv that shit, i'm a student at Morgan State, and I was getting tired of hearing cats from NYC and Atlanta talking about how hot their mc's are from their cities, and I could never brag about cats from B-more, because honestly I never felt B-Rich and Tim Trees, AND I definitely can't brag about Young Leek, but in the past year I been bumping Bossman's joint, Hamsterdam, and the new Mullyman shit and cats in my dorm all luv them shits, but it's fucked up that 92Q is not supporting alot of these mc's that B-more got, because these new cats that i'm hearing in the city can definitely compete with these mc's that are out right now. Is there any hopes of a new hip hop radio station coming into the city soon ? that's what B-more needs.
Dawg, I'm going to tell you right now homie, I am not one of those people who just see a bad situation, complain about it, and then don't do sh*t. My homie and I are brainstorming hard on bringing a new urban station to Baltimore. It's hard because so much money is involved. But yo, everybody just keep supporting Darkroom and holding us down. Because the more support we get, the bigger our name gets. And next year, Darkroom is going to try to put together a team of investors and we are going to take a proposal to Clear Channel, Radio One's competition. 92Q is crooked, but it doesn't just start there. The rumors about Radio One as a whole being crooked has been talked about for years. So i don't want to f*ck with them at all. And believe me, if everything falls into place and I am able to bring a new Urban station to Bmore, I give 92Q six months before they have no listeners at all. And it's not just Hip Hop, as a whole, 92Q is wack and terrible for Baltimore. Paying to get a record played? Are you serious? And they are the biggest d*ck riders I have ever seen. Mully took them "Home of the Realest" a very long time ago, and since he didn't pay, they wouldn't play it. But once he got in XXL magazine and put them on blast, they started to play the song everyday as if they loved him the whole time. And when Carmelo was at Towson Catholic, they payed that n*gga no mind. But now the homie is a household name, and everytime I turn around they are having some kind of "Carmelo giveaway" or contest. Lol, they are the worst station in America homie, hands down. But like I said before, in the immortal words of Sam Cooke, Change Gon Come.
This kid totally sucks. Whadda dumbass song! 92Q & K-Swift are total pretenders in this game. This Young Leek is the biggest waste of airtime since they that group "Status" or B-Rich. Isn't this punk's dad in "Ststus" or something? That would explain the lack of talent. anyone know this for sure?

He might as well start lookin for a job at Mickey-D's.

Peace out.
Yeah, the radio situation does need to change. I don't know if 105.7 was any better or worse about breaking local talent when it was an urban station 2-5 years ago, but at least having two outlets gave people more ways to get a foot in the door. I don't even think they were getting bad ratings or anything, someone who worked there told me that Infinity flipped formats just because they didn't like having a rap station.
Here's the deal, Young Leek's shit is Baltimore's version of Atlanta's "Laffy Taffy", but the difference is that Atlanta has Jeezy and T.I. signed to balance out the rest of that bullshit, we don't have that yet because 92Q's dj's are not trying to support the mc's here like they do in ATL, the dj's down there support the mc's because they know it will lead to bigger things, but the dj's here don't realize that if they support now they can help blow up a whole new area in hip hop, they are like homeboy said earlier, just record players, Al, you need to do an article on 92Q and expose them and blow up their spot, because i'm a big supporter and fan of the b-more hip hop scene and there are mc's like Tyree Colion, Ogun and Skar and producers like Ms. Tris and Darkroom that deserve the shots that these down south cats are getting.
Any signing of a Baltimore artist is a good thing. There are many artists that people mentioned who are worthy or airplay but it doesnt stop there. Relationships and talent aren't even enough sometimes. Its the combination of both coupled with some opportunity that equal success. I have been juggling two of the three and have yet to crack the jackpot on all three simultaneously. For all of the artists in any city across the world there are hundreds if not thousands of others who will never see the light of day. Just be comfortable in what it is you do and make sure you focus on yourself and not someone else. I call that shyt "waiterism" - the stagnation of individual progress due to the constant attention given to another person's accomplishments, trials and tribilations! Dont be waiters BMore - stand the fukk up for yourself and make a place for you to occupy!! Radio is not the end-all, say-all of your artistry. think outside of the FM Box for a minute. As bad as I wanna say fukkem all - Im not gaining anything by doing so. Just think - The on air personalities arent the gatekeepers, they just happen to be standing near the gate!!!!
ur sexy young leek. luv you baby
I mean.......Yo.......The song is typical club shit on the radio, but honestly I'm happy that an artist can get signed from Bmore period.......Niggas knock B-Rich, but it brought eyes to Bmore period...........The song wasnt all that and a lil more uppity for Bmore native taste, but honestly it opened eyes to our scene.....10 years ago, niggas wasnt even feelin hip hop in Bmore like that......I think Bmore is too behind.....The city needs to be out there wit the N.o's the NY's, the LA's.................So good look for young leek...............I personally dont bump him, but shit............It's whatever........Bmore needs shine right now

Another thing, 92 Q/939 and 955 have way too many artist not from this area gettin bump.....No matter who is or isnt gettin bump......We need to lock up our local scene a lil more......Just my opinion

I'm not even gonna front at first i was not feelin shake it and jiggle it. my honegirl sung the chourus all day everyday but once i listened to the whole thing for myself with out someone else in my ear i liked it. I got mad luv for leek at a young age he's doing what alot of people neva get to do and it's a damn shame the people who are from where he's from can't even support the boy. I got mad luv for him he's young, sexy. and got skillz whether some people think so or not. Just come to the club when he's there and you'll see how many girls and boys is feelin leek. Hataz always gon hate hopefully leek won't let them bring him down!!!!!!!!!!
Congrats Young Leek !!!

Let me start out by saying that I'm really not a Big Fan of 92Q , but you have to give respect where respect is due. I think that Young Leek is very talented. He may not be as talented as others, but again he is talented. An the same way that he didn't stop until he got a deal, others can do just the same. If anything he's another artist that may be able to open more doors for other artist in Baltimore. Hell I'm just happy to know that there's another person from Baltimore holding us down.
The Best of luck to you Young Leek
Just have a quick comment for Young Leek.... There are always going to be haters, why? Well that's because that's life, and it would be to much like right if there wasn't. So seeing that your new to the game keep your head up.

Not to be on the Black and White thing, but at least Leek is another one of us trying to do something positive .
This comment is to the anonymous person who said that this Punk's dad sings for some group called Status...1st off Any person who can't spell Status need not say anything, and personally if you can't spell a word such as Status , you might need to fill out an application for Mickey-D's yourself. LOL!
Keep doing what you do Young Leek!
I'll make this short and sweet... Point Blank the kids signed and some of ya'll on here haten are not. Sooooo Get Over It.

Good Luck to you Y.leek
Nobody's hating on Leek that song is wack but good luck to him!!
Personally I think that kid Young Leek is so wack my opinion no hate. Just the facts also it's some Bmore rap called Young Husterz dissing Young Leek that joint is fire! I heard it on my Space/Young Husterz!
the laffy taffy song and lean wit it rock wit it are crazy songs that peoole like in atlanta but if young leek tries to bring that shit here than he better hope his good looks will carry him. cuz that jiggle it shit is..well..shit
Jiggle it ownz young leek ownz ffs u ppl dont apreciate good music.When young leek on top 10 ull see u mad stupid frucks now stfu and jiggle it
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