Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Young Leek, Blaq Starr, Next Level, let's go

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awww shit. im bout to put this on my answering machine.

this joint be rockin 4 real.

good lookin yo.
wus good my nig this ya nigga gordon but yea im feelin dat song my nig but yo holla at me and ill get up 1 good luck and u kno im doin my thing down here on da mike but ight yo im out 1
its on my answerin machine. he look soo good n gonna make it 2 da top. im gon support him all da way
OMG god i knew u was gonna make it frm the first time u and harp cam to my crib... and u was singin and dancin all ova the place_i knew u was gonna do sumin wit cha life dats wassup well im jus stoppin by to tell u i really lik da song its "fire" ight get@me...
oh yea dat first comment dats starts off wit "OMG" dats me "donna"
Awwl sweetie dat song wuz so good and I'm so proud of you I always knew u was gonna make it 2 the top so don't forgrt about ya girl cuz u know I'm be right up there wit u wit Trio da group I'm in ( Love u 2 much and keep doin what u do iight 1.
he looks a like a pretty that wouldn't be taken seriously by the public
Just gotta say that I'm loving the song and your tooo cute !!
Ya'll need to know that i not only love his song but i love Talik Baker aka youg leek he is hot. we went to woodlawn together and we sat on the same table. Hey young leek this your girl alexis from Miss Owens first period class. Don't forget me and i will stand with you all the way no matter what peace i love you.
this song iz da 1st thing dat i listen to in the morning and da last thing i listen to before i go to sleep its not like i love da song(even tho i do)its because yOung leek looks so damn all slides fall back because young leek iz gonna be ma man one day
That is my song, i already got the ring tone! Young Leek is my baby! And if he or anyone else wanna talk to me my address is or Im gonna be wit my baby all da way from top til he retire. I got him!
well all i gotta say is young leek aint got time for no groupies so stop nut-ride n and let 'em do wut he do best.
holla atcha grl good lookin
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