Monday, October 31, 2005

Bossman's reply to Mullyman
I already kinda set off some controversy in the comments on my post about Mully's diss, and even though it led to some interesting discussion and I think/hope noone's pissed at me about any of that now, I'm reluctant to break the seal on more arguments about this. But in the interest of keeping it balanced, I'm doing an update on Bossman's response and if people wanna argue about who ripped who in the comments that's cool, I'm just gonna chill and try to be a journalist, I'm not tryin' to piss off anyone either side by speaking on it. And radio is really promoting this so much now that people are gonna be talking about it anyway, so I don't think I'm doing anything negative by saying something about it.

So when Bossman played Mully's record on 92Q last Sunday and talked to Mully over the phone on the air, he said a couple times that he wasn't gonna make a response record. But then, Friday night, he was back at the station saying that he was cool with them playing it then and on Tuesday when Mully's album dropped, but he didn't get mad until Thursday when Mully was back on the air with Ghostface, who was in town for a show and guests on a song on Mully's album, and played the track for Ghost.

So he debuted his diss record, a long 6-minute thing over an original beat, Jigga sample from "The Watcher 2" on the hook ("it's only right, I got the right to be king"), kinda weirdly structured with an a cappella section where it sounds like it's gonna end and then the beat starts up again and he keeps going. And not as focused as Mully's, like he could be talking about anybody for the whole first verse until he gets more specific. Hating on the collabs mostly ("his album got more features than a new BMW") and for some reason harping on the fact that Mully's sister is also a rapper on his label, spending the last verse shouting out Northeast street names and saying Mully lives in Glen Burnie and referencing Weekend At Bernie's.

Maybe I'm just in an optimistic mood because last week Jay and Nas performed onstage together for the first time, but I do hope Mully and Bossman get these disses of their system and then they can just hold a grudge and move on with their careers seperately.

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Nobodys mad AL, I just think Bossman is a asshole for how he is carrying it. OK, i can uderstand him saying some things about Mully becasue Mully did do a crazy diss joint about him, but getting on the radio and giving him 3 hrs of hatred? come on, I hope those Major league cats are aware of the fact that Bossman is giving them free promotion. Is'nt this clown signed to a major label? why is he even worried about what a local rapper has to say at this point in his career. I heard Virgin sucks as a record label anyway. I swear i hate Bossman. I'd love to slap the fuck outta him!
I don't have any personal feelings about Bossman, but I agree that he is really catching feelings and going to the extreme. Mully's diss was comical. Bossman's diss was sinister.

It was like when kids play the dozens & that one kid can't take it so they say something over the top & serious cause he's a poor sport & can't roll with the punches...not to mention takes a swing at girls ;)

I understand that street cred is essential, when you are still in the streets. Bossman should enjoy the comforts of a deal & pray he doesn't turn commercial.

...And I wonder how much Virgin even really knows about this. Please believe that Virgin giveth & Virgin taketh. He could lose his deal.

Ask me,he should be a Publicist...he's doing an excellent job of getting press & spins for Mully...maybe he'll take my job *wink*
Go commercial? Thats giving him to much credit! He will be shelved I bet my life on it!

Yo!!! Did you hear that NEW diss joint by Mully shitting on Bossmam? Mully killed him...And I guess that girl was his sister, Nik Stylz. She has got to be the hardest female I have ever heard...EVER!!! I would So So Definately like to hear more from her...I don't want to get on here and hate on Bossman but there is no way he can recover from that...There has been alot of classical beef songs(Jay-Z v. Nas, Eminen v. Benzino, L.L. v. Canibus, KRS One v. MC Shan) but this one, it wasn't a diss it was more like a Piss...It sounded like Mully and his lil sista got pissed off and Bossman got pissed on...PEACE OUT!!!!
anyone know where i can get that new diss joint by bossman?? i heard it on the radio and it was tighhhht

i like mully and bossman but i was down south for the holidays and its some niggas from b-more called the blackout. the main nigga is henny black and he is serious!! they reppin' the shit out of b-more downsouth in a major way. henny black got this song called shawty thats off the rack!! i dont know why im not hearing anything about them in bmore. the website on one of their cds is yo we gotta support these niggas. they out of town reppin' us...
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