Friday, September 02, 2005

Kanye West explodes: "George Bush doesn't care about black people"

I don't think you can really say he exploded. He never even raised his voice.
Ye doesn't have to raise his voice. A statement like that on national tv would still be loud if he whispered it.
Oh he exploded all right--he was flustered & simmerin' right up to that outburst
That shit was hilarious. I was rolling on the floor when i saw it. And then the network had to air a disclaimer: Those comments do not reflect the opinion of the network---Damn skippy LOL! Way to go Kanye...Now I wonder if Bush and his Gestapo are gonna black list Kanye, like they do everybody else who speaks out against him.-
Here we see one person voicing the opinion of millions. Bush's administration castrated non-white voters in his first rigged election to president and he continues to screw his own country and the rest of the world. It's quite obvious that Bush doesn't like black people. I applaude Kanye West...he was not selfish, he didn't need the attention (with his current accolades)..he just had the guts to tell the truth.
I'd argue that Bush doesn't care about POOR people, but since race and class go hand in hand so often its the same really.

Condolezza and Colin do ok by George.

Ah, but Condolezza and Colon are simply token representatives of women and African-Americans; they certainly aren't there for any other reason.
thats a real insult to colin powell
but i guess if i wanted to avoid smug partisan racism i wouldnt be reading rap blogs
Put a guy from the hood on tv, and he's bound to say something real.
Yes, it's an insult to Colin Powell, but that's the truth and I am constantly astounded how many folk in the USA think they are living in a democracy. Dishing out insults is better than dishing out death and the latter is what the Bush Administration does so well. It would be nice if more Americans were allowed to speak freely.
haha 'its ok to be racist cuz the war in iraq is worse!'
how do you mean 'worse'? Do you mean because it is all about control of oil and the murder of innocent people, lies about weapons of mass destruction, ignoring the peace process and doing everything it takes to try and control the world?
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