Thursday, August 04, 2005

Bossman - "Untouchable"
"The beat knockin' and keep knockin', nobody's home", new Jimmy H. produced by Clinton Sparks, nice beat and less samey than the beats on the CS album, dropping punchlines like "feel what I say like I spoke braille", obscure Biggie verse chopped up for the hook, "untouchable, uncrushable, gettin' mad blunted gettin' gettin' mad blunted"

D.O.G. - "Higher"
Harder song to follow up "Hello", sampling the same song Kanye did for the Do Or Die track of the same but flipping it differently with the chorus opening up all wide and cinematic, stern New York type flow, talking about snitches and sending them higher, I guess up to heaven is the idea.

Huli Shallone - "NINE"
The song over the "ASAP" beat that I mentioned him doing at the Believe show, shuffled on 92Q between the original song and "Stay Strapped", bragging about how even without a deal he still pushes a Benz, "suckas hatin' on me, I'm gonna tear yo ass up with the N-I-N-E".

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