Monday, January 03, 2005

partners-n-crime - talk that shit now -- here's that unlv diss i mentioned before, talking mostly about n.o. rap history, a general lack of realness, and some left condoms in your baby seat shit.

well, if i never knew a clucker, now i know one
got a couple of grams, tec-9-- you wanna score one?
niggas always tryna diss, but you know you lookin pissed
you done made my hit list, you baboon-lookin bitch
never take shit from a busta, never take shit from a clucker
you tried to diss my click? (you a stupid motherfucker!)
went on to bite my style, give us a towel
make my uncle know that you dropped a diss but it's too late
you shouldn't put out another tape
you say you fucked my boy, ol lady?
then i find out much later that she had your baby
now i know it may seem a lil crazy
but is that really his baby?

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