Monday, January 03, 2005

akon - ghetto remix ft. z-ro and bun b -- original with sighing background and singing about on the corner with the toolie on the waistline / just got up out the bing doin state time / teethmarks on my back from the k9 / dark memories of when there was no sunshine in sad, beautiful voice, delicately tinted with accent like bbc world service johannesburg correspondent through shortwave radio static. and biggie/pac remix with everyday struggle/smile verses overlayed. and taken down south in search for the most heartbreaking verses ever, a) throwback z-ro verse from look what you did to me title track, that old doubletime flow, spitting that introspective d-boy shit, "all alone in my own zone with no friends / so i chose to make friends with drugs," riding the beat six years ago, and, b) bun b from one day, pitched up slightly to hit the right tempo, the old instrumental still slightly audible under the remix, always recite and tingle along to: my brother beeeen in the pennn for damn neeear teeen, but now it look like when he come out man i'm goin in," tickling down the base of your skull.

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