Tuesday, December 14, 2004

we love rappers talking about sex. so, here's selected excerpts from the ozone sex issue interviews. go read the rest, too.

t.i. on paris hilton and white women in general:

She's interesting, yet frail. I don't think she could take it. I don't generally do white women. I've had, uh, encounters, but I've never slept with a white woman. It's just that I'm an ass man. I like asses, and white women generally have more titties. Not to say they're not nice; I like a nice set of titties as much as the next man. I know a lot of cool white broads and we can go kick it and drink and have a good time, but you know, that attraction just don't be there. I've seen a few on TV that I might consider.

lil scrappy on getting his salad tossed:

The best lesson I ever got was when a bitch lick my ass, dawg, I was like, "Oh, my muthafuckin' God!" I was like (Lil Jon voice) "Whattttt????????!" 'Cause I used to argue with niggas all day, like, "How y'all gonna let a bitch lick your ass? That ain't proper, my nigga! That ain't hood! But then I was getting my dick sucked and the bitch lifted my leg and licked my ass. I couldn't help it, I was screaming, Oh, I felt like a bitch.

jacki-o on who's packing:

Petey Pablo. Lil Flip. Ludacris. They just give me that vibe. Who else is holding a big package? Definitely Lebron James, cause he's a young tall nigga with some big feet. Them ball players, like Clinton Portis, and Lebron James. Lebron James looks like he's straight muthafuckin' lunch. And now that Shaq done moved to Miami, he ain't exempt, neither! But they could be tricky dicks, they could be foolin' us.

jazze pha on oprah:

Oprah can definitely get it. Oprah could tell me not to look at all them other broads and I won't. I'll look straight ahead.

lil wayne on anal sex:

That was back in the day. Now, if you try to pull that shit with a girl, they like, "Oh, no." But back in the day, that shit was real popular. For real, like, we had a whole 'hood known for doing that. The advantage is that if the rubber pops, there's no kids, you just end up with that Twix. Nah, to tell you the truth, I ain't really did that shit since I was 17 or 18. Ugh, I don't even wanna do it now. I guess I was just young and it was popular.

haha, lil scrappy getting his salad tossed if funny as shit. Damn who would have thought he liked a little turd tickling.
Lil Wayne my dear boy, I'd gladly end up with your Twix.
haha holllly shit that is hilarious. Lil wayne liked fucking girls in the ass bcuz it was the cool thing to do. That Jazze Pha shit is real funny too.

Yo was there not an issue of XXL or some magazine with this sort of stuff in it over the summer? I swear I remember reading all these different rappers talking about white vs. black vs. hispanic chicks and 50 Cent was one and there were a bunch of others.
yeah, ozone took it from the source and xxl doing sex issues of the same sort, but they made it a little nastier. the last xxl one had wayne talking about anal sex, too. 50 and trina have never had sex with white people.
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