Friday, December 10, 2004

So don't be acceptin' new 'We Are The World' records
These pickaninnies get with anything to sell records
'Cause it's trendy to be the conscious MC
But next year, who knows what we'll see?

- Nas, "Coon Picnic (These Are Our Heroes)"

Well, shit, he warned us: Jermaine Dupri Producing All-Star 'We Are The World' Sequel. I'm glad he said it, and the timing was really perfect, but actually, fuck Nas, he was on that shitty post-9/11 "What's Going On" cover, so he's just being a hypocrite as usual. Plus even though he has a point about about the trendy consciousness shit in '04, "Why" was the most glaring example of that and he was on the fuckin' remix!

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