Wednesday, December 22, 2004

(picture from oak cliff chamber of commerce 21st annual golf classic, april 26th 2004)

young star and nino ft. bo-leg - oak cliff (that's my hood)-- young cats, still in highschool, making cash off their very own big regional hit, repping for oak cliff specifically and various east dallas neighborhoods in general. it flips the beat lil jon gave 54th platoon for holdin it down, turning treble and bass to extremes to get those clapping drums cranked and the bass overwhelming. UH-OHHHHH IT'S ME, HOT BOY STAR OUT THE O-C-T / HOP OUT THE FLEET, TAKIN OFF MY TEETH / SHOWIN OFF MY TATS, THROWIN UP Y-G.

big tuck ft. tum tum, fat bastard, lil j - boyz n da dirty -- big tuck with his click, the dallas legends dsr, simultaneously ripping off some old run dmc electric guitar joint and j-kwon! it's that regular dsr shit, combination of standard candy paint on cadillacs lines and weirdo boasts about dro from alaska and our click got meatballs, we make your brain leak spaghetti, cool to hear focused in on this type of beat rather than usual offbeat freak-a-leek flows.

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