Thursday, December 23, 2004

New Paul and Chamillionaire dropping on Paid in Full next month. The idea is to take verses they recorded, while they were signed, and mix them with new beats. But, wait.

1) Cham's saying he wasn't paid properly (Paid in Partial?).
2) He doesn't want them putting his name on shitty product.
3) Cham's been talking for a long minute about an album called Controversy Sells being his first solo, the first thing he was going to drop on Univeral/Chamillitary in the summer.

Cham's telling people to bootleg the shit out of it. Paul is saying to cop the official release and it's going to be hotter than Get Ya Mind Correct, which suggests that he might be seeing more cash than Cham behind this deal. I asked Cham about that and he said: "I highly doubt that an album that I didnt even participate in making is better than Get Ya Mind Correct. I'm guessing that they told you that Chick Magnet and Madd Hatta's album was better than Get Ya Mind Correct, too." Damn....

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