Thursday, December 09, 2004

messy marv ft. yukmouth - you already know -- marv and yukmouth (the west coast's official ambassador to texas) on a tribute to h-town, modifying that chillin with my broad and you already know to i'm a motherfuckin fool and you already know. "choppin-choppin swishas down, drinkin my remy / ridin-ridin through, servin, droppin off cream / knockin-knockin michael watts with my four 15s."

yo gotti - burna clap -- yo gotti on the nolia clap beat. it's probably months old now but you probably didn't get to hear it. it's the most recent thing i've heard from yo gotti in a while, since his cd from last year. i heard he was getting down with cash money with his block burnaz group, who were being hyped as the next hot boys.

messy marv is so disoBAYish got damn! good lookin, the bay is comin in treally treal true ta life way. no joke my ninja.
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