Wednesday, December 01, 2004

goofiest moments of the Source Awards:

- while presenting the international award, Jin said something about "China...and Asia too"

- one of the best video of the year nominees being some Untouchables/Benzino video (and not even either of the ones that's actually gotten play on Rap City/Uncut). they have to know what a laughing stock they are for pulling that shit by now, why do they still bother?

- Vivica hosting the pre-show and saying "drop it like it's hot" in response to anything anyone said

- Mase's entire presentation speech: "there's a lot of one-hit wonders out there, so let's look at the nominees for album of the year". That's it, no joke, no point. It seemed like he was trying to say something but he kind of lost track and just wrapped it up in a way that made no sense.

- the complete chaos and confusion during the performance of the "Lean Back" remix, with Mase repeatedly trying to start his verse early while they were still doing the hook, and then yelling "let me in!" over and over until it was really time for his verse. And Tego Calderon popping up to do a verse in lieu of Eminem.

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