Tuesday, December 21, 2004

baby ft. lil wayne - shine on -- baby explains how mannie is going to go oldschool, explaining that it's going to be another cash money classic, and uncharacteristically slowing down, pausing, unsure, "and i felt couldn't nobody... do it the way i'm gonna do it." it's baby with the stepped up rhymes, flipping the hook to another cash money classic, wayne verse still using that mid-90s new york biting flow (even quotes long kiss goodnight) that maybe-unless-it's-all-a-big-rumor-which-it-probably-is got him a def jam deal, mannie rocking the smoothed out, grinning, new cash money rider beat. this is how baby and mannie are fixing to eat off the new south. they switched over from vanguard, leading the most advanced elements in the struggle against northern wealth and privilege, to sitting back and enjoying major label money and car collections and just being fly motherfuckers enjoying the prevailing social order.

pastor troy - murdaman -- your pistol in your car, MY PISTOL IN MY HAND. while mannie and baby are tucked in under mink sheets in new orleans suburbs, pt cruiser is trying to kill everyone in atlanta, busting guns with shredded throat on harder beats than ever, one of those atlanta beats like no one rides anymore. he speaks in generalities, explaing that he represents the heart, the anger, the real, the danger, asking how these kids think they're running the southside, sounding wild and tearing the beat up, working the echoed COME ON!!!s and UH-HUH!!!!s in the background, leading up to calling out the names:
this ain't the swat team, this ain't lil scrappy and them
i rep that hard shit, now fuck a platinum, and lil jon
used to be my homie, used to be my ace, now i want to slap the taste
out your mouth! nigga, down south i'm a legend
when you see me keep motherfuckin steppin

that pt dis is old!! jon and pastor squashed their beef last month and scrappy reached out to him too
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