Monday, November 29, 2004

t.i. ft. daz - my life

a-town veteran, started at eleven
went and bought an eightball
i was stayin' down ever since
that's why it hard to find another rap nigga better than
the bankhead resident, west side represent
pimp squad mobster, grand hustle president
heart of a lion and the nuts of an elephant
trap muzik heaven-sent, you hatin and it's evident
you tryna stack presidents, i'm tryna set precedents
the comparisons insulting my intelligence
cause real recognize real and real you ain't never been
and never will, i catch you where you chill
holla at you where you live, nigga fuck a record deal
i graduated out the yay to stack a couple mil
who woulda figured it'd be a rap nigga i'd have to kill
my patnas tellin me, shorty you have to chill
but i'm not into hatin, with the steel what it is
still dopeboy trap muzik, worldwide lovin it
haters see the spyder and they wanna put a slug in it
fuck it, i'm a g, i been a rider, i ain't stutterin
you better get your mind off mine and start hustlin

slotted between the pharrell singing the hook/swizz clowning/featuring lil kim tracks, there are amazing moments like this. t.i. adjusting the tempo but never the content, tuning it down to his slow and serious flow to ride nowherenothing beat cooing in the background. and daz roars in to tear it up with angry fuck the haters and fuck the world verse, very nearly outshining t.i.

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