Sunday, November 14, 2004

ol dirty bastard ft. c-murder and e-40 - anybody / reunited -- the dj played half of shimmy shimmy ya and half of got your money tonight and said peace to odb and the whole wu and advertised a cappadonna show coming up, tickets twelve dollars in advance, fifteen at the door. then brooklyn zoo on latenight community radio underground hip-hop show. fuck prison and crack cocaine. anyone who's willing to risk their life and do and say things that no one else wants to do or say should be granted special protection from god or whatever. after years of getting fucked over, fuck dying of heart failure in a warm, carpeted room surrounded by people that want you to get rich and safe. the trials and tribulations of russell jones is the only odb cd i ever got, the cd he didn't even know had been released. anybody has this weird, amateur beat, really simple, guitar plucking line under it. straight, plain odb verse with nodding lockstep, sound quality explaining that it was never meant to be on a record. c-murder verse following the guidelines, explaining who he is and who he's on the track with. e-40 on the hook explaining "three soldiers from the east, south and west" and talking shit to fill out the last minute. and reunited is the same sort of deal, i guess. same lowkey amateur beat with super conventional odb verse, no guests. neither of them really pop like the big songs but they're pretty good.

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