Monday, November 29, 2004


Mario f/ Jadakiss and T.I. - "Let Me Love You" (Remix)
Totally unexpected paranoid electro beat courtesy of Scott "too hood for Lil Kim" Storch, my homeboy Mario singing the same lyrics with slightly different inflection, playing up the creepy/intense factor that was already there, while 2 of the hardest put down their standard 8 bars, both flying by too quick for me to catch any quotable lines.

Keshia Chante - "Bad Boy"
Maybe the first R&B tune on dancehall's jock since the recent-ish boom that's actually a perfect synthesis, no out-of-place Sean Paul or relatively obscure dancehall guy cameos, just nice straight melodic R&B with some dub-y filter tricks and catchy "back up reverse reverse" bits. Sounds better every time I hear it, always in the context of the pastel-crazy video during the midday shows on BET that come on before Rap City.

Alicia Keys - "Karma"
Man, I used to think when I liked an Alicia song that it was a fluke, but now this is like 4 or her last 5 singles in a row (counting "My Boo") that I've enjoyed (the odd one out being "Diary"). Tense violin, lyrics that actually have something to do with the title, unlike the Lloyd Banks single of the same name, beat breakdowns on the "I remember when" parts that are way more effective then they have any right to be.

Damn Scott Storch is doing his best Lil Jon impression here.
My boss organized the Chingy/Keisha Chante show here in Vancouver! Today she was on Muchmusic doing a little interview and this gay dude calls up saying he just broke up with his boyfriend and he asks Keisha what to do. Keisha had no idea what to do. She said "uhhh, you know, pull through!"
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