Thursday, November 04, 2004

Me and Forty were listening to a couple of cuts of mine one day, and he was like "Man, you spittin that real turf shit, that is some real turf talk right there." Forty Water just blessed me with that raw handle. I ran with it and got tatted up like four days later.

in picture on previous page, flashing half of a gold grill in mean mug/back alley shadow, showing off sick wid it records piece on too long chain. and in album pictures and magazine ads with him it's smiles and like pencil crayon-shaded picture of him leaning on bmx under broad oak tree with wellbuilt treehouse (shingled, sturdy door).
e-40 taught him to rap. that's his cousin.
he tries that tight flow sometimes, spools himself up on the intro, lips snapping shut on the end of every word to get rid of any extra, involuntary syllables. but he can slow it down and dig in, not just spinning himself out on the beat like 40 does, let's it flow a bit.
the beats are rick rock or sound like it. arcade game background, crispy drums, bubbles of clean bass all flipped in one loop.
lots of e-40. mac dre, san quinn, guys from federation.

24 feeling way og - with e-40 and goldie gold from federation (the dude with the golds on the bottom).

the soil

bundle bush - weird sound loop beat and street soldier rap, "hit the liquor store, get a coke white shirt / back to the ave gettin off my count / tryna make a million dollars off a quarter ounce / pull some loot from your thigh, support your high / flaggin down every dopefiend that roll by."

on the semi-relevant tip since we all talkin about family and all, i tripped out when i heard del and ice cube were cousins. most of del's first album had cube working the boards.
aw, what about "do the robot" with the kraftwerk? that's a hot beat right there.
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