Tuesday, November 02, 2004

esg: ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, i'd like to propose a toast. everyone twenty one and over grab ya drinks. if you're underage grab ya kool-aid cause it's still playa. but check it out: this one here is dedicated to everybody who had it hard in they life, cause homey i know i struggled but you know what man...


remember esg and slim thug on tinny houston crunk, represent both sides of houston TEXAS / ten thousand downpayment on ya LEXUS / man i spent that last week on my NECKLACE / see i got my own label it's goin DOWN NOW / got everybody bouncin like i'm BOW WOW / something something gettin paid for the SUMMER / watchin kings of comedy in the HUMMER, paper bag crinkle drums tapping, queer keyboard curlicues, for one long chorus. and now on full, clear beats that sound better at regular speed and couldn't be slowed down, some shit with blinding bright horns and little kid choirs over swooshing strings and record crackling noise, scratching in b.i.g. hooks, drums fat and round and vacuumed clean.

still got the nasal houston flow, which sounds kinda weird riding slow, clean beats, sounds a bit like the new nerdy lil wayne. he does the sort of past his prime, sold his lexus because he couldn't afford to trade it in every year and bought a stable of box chevys on thousands of dollars rims, introspective gangsta thing that everyone loves, narrating his rise in the game, getting put on by some hustlers in his neighborhood -> losing football scholarship -> jail -> record deal, and doing some out of breath tracks about the evils of the world and dead friends and staying hopeful.

he's got the fat pat verse he's been sitting on, put down on shiny keyboardy houston beat with the little kids singing hook. he's got a bunch of tracks with slim thug, "i never been robbed, my hogg click thick like the mob / we got spots in every state and nobody got jobs / we goodfellas, a staff full of buyers and sellers / we'll supply what you need, you just need to tell us / never scared of the feds, i just keep on tickin / i catch a case every month but ain't none of them stickin." beautiful down south r&b track with ideal. shit with some young rappers from his click. some traditional sippin and smokin shit with bun b, "there is only three rules when you sit in my car / one: don't ash in my car, two: don't spill your barre / three: don't touch my radio cause i'm bangin my screw / and everyday in port arthur p.a. this is how we do."

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