Wednesday, November 10, 2004

DNA and Def Jam Presents: Comp - Bang-A-Rang Gang Mixtape Vol. 1 featuring Lloyd Banks, Layzie Bone, Notorious B.I.G., Lil Wayne and interludes from Ghostface, Beanie Sigel and Jim Jones

You can see a larger version of the image here. I actually haven't heard all of this yet. You can order it off his website, and I tried but my order didn't seem to go through, and I've never had any trouble with PayPal before, so I'm not sure I can reccomend getting it through there. But anyway, I'm interviewing him this week, so if any editors out there want a Comp feature for their rag, get at me, otherwise it'll all be here as a GOV'T NAMES EXCLUSIVE sometime soon.


Man this dude Comp is off da chain.This dude got some of da hottest songs out now,especially Comp and Get in to it.
On fight for new york,something is wrong with your left hand.Is that how his hand is for real.
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