Tuesday, November 23, 2004

(conveniently, a picture of lew hawk and paul wall together)

rasaq and his squad posted up in northside club, holding down the chest-high formica table along the dancefloor, drinking beers and watching the floor with their back to the rest of the place.

walks in: paul wall, lew hawk accompanied by obscure houston mixtape rappers, click members and various hangers-on. spot: rasaq and his crew chilling, drinking. walk: up. words: exchanged. "sup, rasaq?" "paul? what it do, man?" "sup, rasaq?" "lew? fuck outta here with that friendly shit. you need two niggas need to lean back twice like roy jones jr." "oh shit bitch, it's on."

the matchup is:

heavyweight lew hawk, easy hundred pound weight advantage on the boy rasaq, one of the few dudes to sell even fewer records than rasaq. upset because: rasaq tore him up on bootleggers special 1.5, devoted a couple tracks to exposing him, telling stories about sharing a place with him, about lew hawk getting a teardrop tattoo under his eye and getting it removed and his skin bleached after he got clowned for it.

that little bitch paul wall freshly switched from goofy flow matched to his snoopy t-shirts, matching watch to fancying himself a real street nigga, rolling with pimp squad click, talking about "you can catch me squeezing glocks / pullin triggers and evading the cops / you don't want to see the squad raidin the block / so i suggest you vacate the block." like your boss t.i. said about someone else from houston, "turn into a gangsta when your vocals hit the protools." upset because: behind-the-scenes bullshit when the color changing click was taking off, paul telling cham not to put his brother rasaq on, and the behind-the-scenes beefing paul and cham have been keeping off records.

their click, eight deep.


rasaq, weighing in at a frozen butterball over a hundred pounds, white hanes hanging off of him like a little kids ghost costume for halloween.

his click, five deep.

lew and paul and company jump on rasaq, focused on snatching that piece and chain. that piece and chain-- those giant platinum lizards on long-ass chains that cham and rasaq unveiled a couple days before the big deal was announced.

rasaq and his click jump out of there, hit the parking lot and roll out to grab the guns (AND DO WHAT WITH THEM??). but the cops were already at the club. rasaq gets knocked for a felony gun charge, cham bails him out with major label money.

so, it's official. cham vs. paul. (AND [allegedly] SLIM THUG vs. FLIP COMING SOONER THAN MIKE JONES [i'm not half sure that's going to happen])

well the whole 8man attack might not be true, I've heard conflicting reports. Don't go believe rasaq's post on cham's board.

BBK said this on thescrewshop:

"there was 2 people involved paul and lew. lew hit rasaq one time and paul had him in a headlock punching him in the face then the laws grabbed rasaq and thats it. there was never some big 8 people on 1 battle royal going on"

as for slim vs flip, oh man that shit is so soft, apparently slim is mad because he's seen flip wearing the boss jersey. what in the fuck, this is like two girls arguing over wearing the same dress to homecoming.
it's kind of funny how slim thug always allies himself with flip's nemeses. slim was doing an album when flip and e.s.g. were beefing. flip was dissing slim's partner on the same song where he shouted slim out. and now slim's big song is with t.i.
kind dumb for flip to wear that tha boss shirt when he knows it's slim's thing.

that beef would be better than gossiping about no-names like lew hawk and rasaq.
yeah thats true, although rasaq's post on chamillionaire.com was pretty damn hilarious.

but yeah its cute how slim is always associating himself with people who hate flip. I'm sure people around Slim (esg and ti) are encouraging this shit because it's so fucking petty I'm surprise slim cares. I could totally see TI telling slim how its such an insult for flip to sport that shit and that they need to diss him for it.
Fuck Roscoe and his hoe ass brother Chamillionaire, man Paul Wall and LewHawk been my niggas for the longest, they real, and Slim Thugs brother Tay-Day was right there at T-Town when the fight jumped off he said Lewhawk was puttin them thangs on that trash ass bum, and after dude boxed his brains in for a good 2 minutes some of Mike Jones crew jumped in to stomp his trash ass. As for Lil Flip and Slim Thug< yhea right that ain't no beef.
so what if you like chamillion or rasaq the fact of the matter lew hawk broker than both of them and chamillionaite go way harder than every in houston lyrically. so bitch stop hatin so much i cant stand a hater yall takin the world over haters every where i like all the niggaz music but koopa go the hardes
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