Sunday, November 21, 2004

Bossman - "Off The Record"
NEW HEAT debuted on K-Swift's show the other night, first single from the album Law & Order" out December 21st!!! Bossman going all introspective Pac via east coast flow/production like all NY cats do these days, complete with an "Against All Odds" jack on the chorus, airing out family drama, daughter havin' seizures can't get the proper treatment, being on the outs with Cash from N.E.K., industry bullshit, talking to (major?) labels but they only want a single, etc. 2nd verse he addresses people blowing out of proportion the Jadakiss diss on his last mixtape -- on a "Why" freestyle he says "why is Kiss' album wack but this song so hard?", which is kinda funny because he freestyles over 2 other beats from Kiss Of Death on the same mixtape (I have a post about the mixtape coming soon) -- kind of retract/clarifying it in a half-assed way, kissing Kiss's ass while saying he still thinks the album's wack but then no albums have been good since 50's or Kanye's, etc., bullshit backpedalling like that. 3rd verse talking some weird shit about the Bible, but he keeps the perfect mood all the way through. Shit is crazy, dude is so official right now.

Bossman - "Give 'Em Some"
Kind of a club, but not as in Baltimore club music, just generic club rap song, boring semi-slick beat. He can stick with the introspective shit.

According to the Bossman website he's doing a big birthday bash show here in Baltimore on Wednesday:


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