Friday, November 12, 2004

...we heard that T.I. was jewel-jacked in New York. Apparently, the rapper was without security. We hope it’s not true.

? run up on, while stepping into towncar after release party in downtown manhattan hotel, by hoodied and masked up men running from indigo cherokee double-parked on the corner. holding tiny black pistols at waist height and one of them pulling that big crown piece on dick length chain off his skinny chest, grabbing off the freshly copped jacob watch and diamond rings, digging in pockets for the sheafs of bills he flashes in the videos. the valet running in to dial 9-11 while t.i. spitting out his rose gold and diamonds grill into a blackgloved palm.

? bursting into hotel room, two men dressed up in casual tourist-y gear, one carrying suitcase and one with a gun in waistband. directions to put hands on top of head, sit down on the bed. one covers him, snacking off room service plate (turkey sandwich, kosher pickle, curly fries), while the other loads up empty suitcase with chains, rings, watches, cash, cds, clothes. talking about, give us time to get out before you call the cops, snitch nigga.

yeah, remember when it happened to flip in dc? "street niggas don't respect that clown." yeah. and t.i. talking shit like p on the infamous prelude, talking like he's superman, seven time felon, untouchable.

but really, fuck it. the last time i got robbed was in some grimy house, following these two girls who my friend knew, who were going to cook some coke for him, with a ziploc bag of about a half ounce worth of gleaming pure cocaine crystals freshly scalpeled off a brick. the way it works here is: you get the stuff and pay a middleman to cook for you. so. girl: "shit, it's totally cool, you guys can look around or whatever. don't worry, we ain't gonna rob you." i say, "nah, nah, we're cool. we'll just sit right here and wait." then, sluggish gangsters with a shotgun and lots of threats, berating us about trying to fuck these girls and telling us they're fourteen. but everything went down cleanly. one of the girls stood beside me and rubbed the small of my back and whispered in my ear that she'd make sure nothing happened to me. it was cool on some handshakes and gee whiz it's our fault and we fucked up and they got their shit and we left. fuck it. it's scary as hell and it fucks you up.

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