Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Another random video-related observation: today I saw a new cut of "Nolia Clap" on Rap City; the original version had just the Wacko/Skip parts of the song, and then cut to "What's Up" for a Juvenile verse, but for some reason BET always cut it off at the end of the "Nolia Clap" part so that Juve wasn't in it at all. The only time I ever saw the "What's Up" section was the handful of times I saw it on MTV. I guess it bothered Juvie that he wasn't really in the video at all after the song blew up, so now the video ends with new footage of him doing his verse, looks like in Houston surrounded by various Rap-A-Lot and H-town dudes. Kinda too little too late, though, I mean the song/video's already pretty much run its course. (It's kinda funny that on Juve's 2 biggest hits in years the hook and most memorable verses are by someone other than him. And after all the hype about him needing to get back with CMR to make hits, neither is a Mannie production).

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