Monday, November 22, 2004

50 cent - disco inferno -- BRAND NEW 50!!! it's easy to be frustrated by 50 saving his dark wordplay shit for mixtapes. he was coming for a minute with amazing guest verses, the game track, the snoop track. this is kind of a different deal. he's doing that breezy, smiling flow, which is still beautiful to hear, dominating the track on his verses and the smooth hook. beat sort of like a funkier, spacier flip of on fire, "the flow sound sicker over dre drums, nigga / i ain't stupid, i see doc then my dough come quicker," delicate flute outro.

50 cent - the good die young -- the 50 mixtape stuff is still underrated, i think, even though it's what blew him up and he got lots of love for it at the time. this was on power of the dollar. the same beat as that um monica (i think) single that came out a couple months after, just that plain loop with the drums hooked up.

first shit happen to stretch, then to pac and big
i'm convinced it can happen to anybody, kid
so i get vest up when i get dressed up, in the hood it messed up
niggas runnin round shoot shit up
if it's don that you drinkin, fill up my cup
if you gossipin about me, shut the fuck up
why niggas acting hard when they know they but
well gettin robbed ain't a good time to press your luck
duke listen, if you move, i'ma hurt you
you'll get your chance to shine later, patience is a virture
right now, what you need to do is get me the cash
forget about your boss being mad, just save your ass
be a good boy now, go and get your stash
i saw you throw it next to the garbage can like it was trash
aight, run along before i shoot your ass
i hate to do this to you but i really need the cash

g-unit - mind playing tricks on me freestyle -- yayo the hustler narrating the story of 50 getting shot on the geto boys beat.
it's a regular day and a regular routine
til i hear this tragic news from up out three fiends
your man 50 just got popped nine times
and i heard through the grapevine it's all cause his rhymes
in front of his grandmoms, standing on the lawn
wearing no teflon, i wonder if he gone
i know in my heart i wanna cry
havin thoughts in my mind that my man gonna die
as i frantically run toward 50 spot
i panic b, peep like 50 cops
it was something dts and homicide
with yellow tape blocked off on both sides
with four fivv shells on the floor
the dts ringin doorbells, goin door to door

"Homie I don't dance I just do this/ its the same 2-step with a lil' twist."

Haha this is the year where MCs say they don't dance while dancing.
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