Thursday, October 28, 2004


new biggie freestyle -- "unreleased freestyle! by b.i.g!" kay slay respectfully turning down the volume and echo on DRAMA KING shouts. mumblin and whisperin is what i hear
when b.i.g. appear on the scene niggas get scared
why i'm not the stick-up man
i don't want the rings on your hand i don't understand
when i come thru the avenue i must know voodoo
cause all eyes are on you know who-- huh!
and my so-called friends beg for ends for me to lend
but these bankrolls i won't spend
i don't need em, let the welfare feed em
when it come to wassup the peace sign is how i greet em
sometimes they won't get that, sweatin me for some chit-chat
bite my lyrics like kit-kats
open your eyes, realize ain't no sugar in my tank
sounds kind of old, maybe, weird battle rhymes, goodnatured, until the second half when he remember taking hoes to the crib and out of state trips for a second.

mike jones and 50/50 twin - good times flow -- old, fine mike jones verses but 50/50 from color changing click in the middle sounding nice in contrast. "i pull on the scenery. tint goes down. get you high off the greenery. grown man style. 22s on the machinery. keep cash put up, therefore spending ain't no thing to me. on my 2way. dimepiece keep beamin me. up. like scotty."

mddl fingaz, mike jones flow -- on i believe loud pipes, from swishahouse rolling strapped 2k4, only good track, phasing out the mixtapes as they moved further and further into negotiating the deal, random mddl fingaz cats stepping to the mic all thuggish and lowkey, bun b with a standout verse but still camouflaged against a background of real niggas with deep voices. and fucking mike jones sounding like a clown shouting into the song, MIKE JONES nigga i'm an og i know ya know me i went from minimum wage to movin ozs and traditional houston verse about necessity of grinding to facilitate shining and how much a guest verse will cost you.

lil flip freestyle -- "lil flex, i just came from music mania, dawg-- you only sold 300 albums, dawg, at music mania....? i bought one, dawg. i'm tryna help you out, man. i ain't trippin, tho, baby." the freestyle king, for real, off the dome, going at lil flex but basically just explaining why lil flip is lil flip and why he's succeeded and why he will continue to succeed. "freestyle dirty, i could freestyle gospel / the only reason i rap is to prosper."

lil flex ft. dougie d and dibidi - wanna ride -- flex giving pimp game on smoothed out beat like something from an old tela cd, sparkly little tinsel keyboard strokes, soft drums, doubletime guest rapper.

sqad up - like water -- we've said before we hate slow feuds as planned out, well constructed as election campaigns. this starts with flipping-thru-stations bg snippets, demonstrating flip-flops on lil wayne issue. "soft nigga, got bitch in your heart nigga, wayne the same goes for you." static. "say, lil wayne, i fucks with you, you my lil dawg, you been my lil dawg." staticking between bg shooting slugs at wayne and calling him to his side. and then shit breaking down to hard broken beat and switching off laying into bg, "a junkie nigga can't get no records off the shelf."

(yousendit is some bullshit)

Best line from the Squad-Up track: 'My bitch got you on beans she says she see you all the time'. Real nasty.

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