Sunday, October 17, 2004

items in bullet points

- best part of the VH1 "hip hop honors" concert: Nas wearing a bandana Pac-style and performing "Keep Ya Head Up", with the camera constantly cutting over to Pac's sister mouthing every word.

- does anyone else think that Master P's new movie DECISIONS is maybe ripping off Three 6's CHOICES?

- jeers to the "Stalker-fella" headline in yesterday's NY Post about charges filed against Dame Dash

- cheers to the obligatory "Jacko Moves Backo" headline in same about MJ returning to Neverland

- "No Problem"/"Breathe" blend = FIRE.

Worst part of VH1 "hip-hop honors" concert = almost everything else. Especially Vivica Fox. I'm not sure I've ever seen someone quite so satisfied with herself. (Plus Anthrax totally sucked.)
wow i've got to see that nas performance. any mp3s?
I dunno, I haven't seen clips online anywhere.

Vivica was annoying, but Taye Diggs was worse, I don't know where dude's going with the hat and glasses look.
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