Saturday, October 02, 2004

the gat with the same old clip.....

nas ft. olu dara - bridging the gap/alchemist ft. nas and prodigy - tick tock -- nas's dad sings over thudding country blues thing about having a son and naming him nasir and then it sorts of starts sounding like zz top or the doobie brothers or something and nas raps about his dad, still using those truncated bars that he usually uses on guest verses to make himself sound out of breath, still perfectly executing his worst ideas. / beautiful slow oldfashioned alchemist beat with just like whatever, you know how that shit sounds, and nas, almost the opposite on his tick tock verse, floating in and out of miniature stories, long long lines, rich old voice singing on the hook, and remember how on it was written... or the tracks that sounded like it was written on i am.. and nastradamus he could do tracks like this and still sound fierce like his voice was still too young and sharp, had to age into a voice that sounded distant and friendly on alchemist beat hooks.

beezel ft. juvenile - luggage -- juvenile feature: that's too much i need to check ya bags, ma. call security for a random search. that girl not regulation, examine her skirt. we love hearing him talk about girls now, picturing his greasy grill and new life after cash money lowkey flashiness, dick tracy hat with gucci band instead of camouflage rags, and he sounds wild on that beat. neptunes beat: it's genuine, it sounds like i'm a slave 4 u and it has pharrell on the hook. beezel: is signed to def jam south so he can get juvenile features and neptunes beats.

lil wyte ft. dj paul - say goodbye to the bad guy -- i sho will was that thick transparent marching crunk that they can always do perfect. say goodbye to the bad guy is a bit like the clean stuff on da unbreakables, still sounding like a dj paul/juicy j but more conventional, i guess, lighter, vocal samples humming regularly and the filtered riffs going in the background. da superproducers are giving lil wyte all their heat. lil wyte has that desperate, flat flow,voice for get buck tracks but he sounds cool like this, slower and flashier, switching off verses with dj paul.

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