Saturday, October 16, 2004

dem franchize boys - dats da way dey roll -- atl version of dipset am rock jack but with made up source material, funnier and lighter than the real thing would be. and big chorus like pastor troy would do with dsgb hypemen offkey in background but smoothed out and everyone harmonizing and singing about themselves, rich and smoking good and ridiculous OHHHHHH-OHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHH-OHHHHHH thing over clean, fake electric guitar crunching sound. and everyone stepping in with quarter-verses about getting famous/money, one half cute ____ like a ____ punchlines, the other half vague promises and threats without accented white tee bellows, smooth and optimistic.

lil wyte - my cutlass -- this is beautiful. the fast oldschool lil wyte flow riding really minimal dj paul/juicy j beat, hard as fuck drums, and squeaky cuts of cartoony skrrrrrt car accident sounds and project pat lines.
doing a detailed ode to his cutlass, not drifting out and devoting a verse to his other cars or var. car-related activities. sitting in his garage on a rolling officer chair with a clipboard, sliding around the car and checking things off, getting deeper and deeper inside, peeling each layer. paint everyone's scared to touch because they might fall in and get wet. fuzzy dice on interior, four 12s, italian leather on the seats, steering wheel, pedals. inside to fresh-from-crate chevy big block, edelbrock carb, whatever.

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