Saturday, October 23, 2004

bootleggers special 1.5

free underground like the cleveland and superbowl bootleggers specials. rasaq, chamillionaire's brother and the only rapper still standing beside cham, signed to chamillitary and claiming ccc. flows sort of on the same level as mixtape messiah, fast and strong but still kind of offbeat. dissing mike jones, lew hawk, dsr, maybe paul wall, and whoever the subliminals are for. talking a lot, dishing all the boring behind the scenes dirt on internecine h-town rap feuds. features from magno (check track 8, amazingly hot in a way i've never heard him come before), big redd from the freestyle kings, big roy, and cham.

i love you for this.
(hey dk, what happened to your nobody interview, that was ill)
yeah, I was wondering where it went too. I regretted posting stuff and pushing it down to the middle of the page so quickly. if you re-post it we can all fall back and let it stay at the top for at least a couple days. btw, that and G&W's 334 Mobb feature motivated me to get in touch with someone for an interview, hopefully that will be coming together soon.
there was minor controversy. it's going to be sorted out.

e-mail me about who it is, al!
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