Wednesday, October 06, 2004

.....and now we gonna try to get a reasonable date set and get some big features..... so ya'll should expect some fire azz hooks.... bangin beats, lyrics outta this world, and most importantly creativity. I cant say what the future will hold or how this will turn out but right now im pretty confident with the decision I made.....considering the fact that if I go gold I will end up makin more money than a multi-platinum artist...and if I go Platinum ya'll might as well tell me which NBA team to buy... and it doesnt hurt knowing that I can go to the bently dealership and actually buy somethin if I want to.....

alright, after like two years of serious rumors and then increasing doubt after everyone else in houston got a deal, it's official: chamillionaire got a contract from universal today. he's going to get millions of dollars. he's going to trade in his mazda and buy his mom a house. he's set for life.

he's the only thorough underground rapper whose fans are excited by the prospect of him going to a major label and getting smoothed out and forced to talk about cars again after months of drifting further and further off the beat into verbose rambling with way too many robotic, long division punchlines crammed into each verse (and not just the sort of deep deep deep/intertextual/obscureish references difficult punchline rappers are encouraged to use, but putting his plain, clever punchlines with ingredients like 'my candypaint shine like'/'got more money than'/'grill shine like' through frustrating twists that never work properly-- but they used to work properly!! [when pd of gel & weave was trying to sell me on copywrite and cage, i was trying to sell him on chamillionaire by saying they were the same thing, boring and funny and smart at the same time punchlines, just lame punchline rappers for nerds (and paul wall flipped a big l lines on balla talk 2. i bet cham and paul wall used to jam classic, obscure big l radio/mixtape freestyle stuff all the time back in the day). but everytime i quoted cham freestyle punchlines to him he said they were stupid and didn't make sense] he just needs to keep that stuff under control) and an unconvincing new hardness (cham and paul wall used to say they kept it clean so you wouldn't worry if your kids were jamming their records!! now paul wall's talking about popping things on p$c songs and cham's not much better)(cham, please don't return cam'ron's phonecalls).

the beef with mike jones was never expected to fix cham but it was welcome because everyone knows cham is representing real underground rap music, not that cotton candy shit like mike jones was doing (and i think the anger from underground houston rap nerds about flip falling off and forgetting how he used to rap and what city he was from was sort of directed at mike jones by the tone and theme of cham's disses, cause mike jones was just blowing up in a major way before the disses came out and was about to become the next flip). everyone knows cham won and we all hate mike jones now. but we all hope mixtape messiah is the final statement from underground-stagnated chamillionaire and there will be no more too slow, too earnest, too deliberate rhymes about rappers that say they sold cocaine but you know what they didn't. everyone hopes we want to hear him celebrate like he celebrated when he was just getting on swishahouse tapes and when he was just starting out with paul wall and he was spitting about cars he didn't own and he knew he was going to get rich and he wasn't bored with himself and his boring punchlines yet. dude is still one of the most exciting rappers in the world to me. he can come amazingly cold in a unique way. he won't let us down.

this is gay and a waste of time
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