Thursday, October 07, 2004

bg - get wild with it remix ft. ying yang twins, choppa, hot boy ronald, and lil d -- it sounds as good as you'd think!! it's the most straight hardcore bounce track on bg's cd. it uses that break and that ALRIGHT! vocal sample that every bounce track ever uses, but with squinchy/squeaky sound effects and ying yang twins noises. so after the original bg verse, there's choppa (the original choppa), going back to his brief no limit days when they wouldn't let him rap on real bounce tracks and he had to be conventional and make the ends of his lines rhyme and do verse/chorus/verse/chorus and he does a filthy verse about club girls and new orleans. and hot boy ronald riding the beat under the beat and jamming his words all together and shouting out every ward in new orleans and saying even though it's bg and ying yang you can still walk like ronald. and lil d for the wrap-up, sounding like old bg, young and skinny, telling girls to catch the wall and get a ride home in his cutlass.

juve and utp - nola clap remix ft. slim thug, z-ro, t.i., bun b, and some other guys -- southern superremix like dj smallz used to do before he started focusing on roy jones jr. exclusives. hottest beat of the summer and hottest rappers of the summer, all the dudes that didn't spit one shitty verse for six months and when you saw them on something, anything, you had to check for it.
z-ro: new thing, grimy and fast for a break between recording hearbreaking tears sliding down face dripping on notepad in the booth tracks for post-prison comeback.
bun b: consistent as he's been all summer getting on anyone's track who'd let him and waiting for his partner to get out and get back to fucking up the game for another season before shifting into intermittent solo album retirement.
slim thug: major label rap lessons already paying off, staying low and hard on the beat and doing his necklaced houston thug thing as good as he's ever done it.
juvenile: still the best verse on it.
the rest: okay.

lil wyte - i sho will remix ft. lil flip -- yeah same dj paul/juicy j smooth titanium buckness, same quick and hard lil wyte verses, same call and response hook, with additional lil flip verse. if i didn't know flip used to be one of the best rappers ever and was smoked out and funny and corny, i'd be feeling, believing this: flip sort of reinterpreting scarface's verse on the z-ro song (re-used/re-recorded for face off with ghostface for a kayslay mixtape), talking on snitches getting shot down and his street credibility (there's a part where he's talking about how this guy turned on him and ran to tell everyone about flip moving bricks-- and, see, ironically, that's basically the opposite of what happened to him. he wishes he had someone to snitch on him!!).

juvenile/soulja slim - slow motion remix ft. wyclef and ying yang twins -- the way juve and slim got onto that beat was so perfect, just sliding in and out with sexy croaks, shifting around to try and hit the side walls. it's actually strange to hear other people on the beat, and they can't handle it at all. wyclef raps like he should be the sexy girl on the remix, going fast and soft with his wyclef voice and sounding like he's responding to juve and slim's commands. he tries to work with everything at once, trying to work the occasional drum roll and the slow rhythm on the guitar sound and just trying to get in the track. and the ying yang twins sounding harsh but understanding what the song is about and trying to keep themselves under control like whispering in a library. the first one: there's this beautiful girl that has amazing sexual powers and makes me cum before i can fully make love to her. the second one: i need a girl that i can fall in love with and be loyal to but she has to love me as much as i love her and be as loyal to me as i am to her, she also has to be a freak.

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